Corinne Hobi


Grosszelgstrasse 12
CH-8426 Augwil-Lufingen


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+41 (0)79 402 34 33

Passion is both – one : my leading motive and secondly: suspense with this sizzling/crackling noice of being fully exposed, for example when standing on a stage in front of many people or when sitting at the MIC, performing a very specific role. Today, I want to believe in succeeding and reaching out to you as professional speaker, not only for my own joy, but most importantly, because life and experience have taught me the lessons I needed to be able to touch you and your audience with voice4u: my voice! Apart from my favourite people and animals around me, I want to make it a professional passion now for you; voice4u – my favourite voice – at your service!

Stage Acts / Singing

2014 –

Voice4U – Development of the new operation
Promotion/Advertising, DOC/News/audio play, Image/Presentation/Moderation,
Comic/Action, (Phone)Announcements

2013 – 2014

Der Bestatter & Heimatland the Swiss Film
supporting acts and role as „Mme Dupont“
(performed in High German with French Accent)

2010 – 2012

Gospel Chorus Rümlang, 1. Soloist

2008 – 2009

Musical Upside-Down – Musicalverein Mutschellen
Offer for ‚Caliel’ – 1 of 4 main roles; 4 Angels return from 
heaven to earth; one of them falls in love with a Human Being

2000 – 2003

Musical Ausbruch – Musicalverein Mutschellen
performed ‚Erika’, 1 of 4 main roles; 4 lady gangsters brake out of prison
the escape becomes a journey through life and dreams


Several appearances, partially managed by Susanne Peter

1986 – 2000

Productions, Studio work, Lead Singer of the rock band ‚Melrose’,
&  Show with parodies of Marilyn Monroe & Edith Piaf


Grande Chance – Song Contest
2nd place – behind Daniela Simons, who took part in the Eurovision Song Contest

Talent-Festival – Song Contest  – St. Gallen
3rd place

Promotion Songs for products, for example, Dr. Kousa, etc 
Text & Singing

Once upon a time, there was a little girl, was dreaming to make it big!…