Promotion - Acting

Your promotion, your spot, your audio- or audiovisual publicity will be created into a scene such that you and your product or service desire, as fresh, neutral, soft, valiant, short, long, specific, as you ear wishes it to sound. A masterpiece!

voice4u – remains –
embedded into the heart!

Announcement - Call Monitoring

The 1st impression is the entrance; the 2nd is the voice, meant to be most sustainable too. With Corinne you reach your listener or calling party, even when you re not there, but being absolutely present! In both situations, Corinne bridges the initial high welcome mood and the understanding mood to make waiting times turn into understanding and pleasant anticipation for customer retention.

voice4u – adresses –

in every situation, and professionally

DOC - News - Audio - Drama

My documentary and audio drama voice enhances your film and or audio play to become a true feast for the senses. With voice over, voice-off, timcode recording, the exact emotion and intention is conveyed – considering the right range and loudness of the voice pitch – the character and message of your theme – and the perspective of the viewer/listener.

voice4u – touches –
clear with the facts – close to the person


Your company image film, your message, your mission, which you transport through vision and sound, will be accentuated by the tone color of Corinne, in the exact mode and density of the interest you wish to trigger with your audience.

voice4u – moves –
always in you’re direction


voice4u – with one voice – they advocate my work with their brand