«Corinne is not only a very good speaker, she also has a significant talent for acting – therefore she can enbody any role fast and incredibly well. Another plus ist that she speaks perfect  German as well as French (mother tongue)»
Daniel Gremli, Co-Founder of Bandara
„To work with Corinne is both – very efficient and pleasant – at the same time. Not only does she perform the text, but also thinks herself into it and realises and suggests improvements to make it a maximum comprehensive and goal orientated. Her voice is chameleonic, fresh and bright: so is her interaction with people!“
Tessy Trösch – Project Manager/Webmaster

„The creativity, versatility and adaptability of Corinne’s way of working is impressive on every take. She reacts fast and is a real think tank; and she is a doer and hard worker through and through. Any role is being incarnated by her and with her voice with sovereignty and brings every character tot he point.“

Simon Bachofen – Event AG – Zürich

„I asked Corinne to speak the off voice in a film for the Golf Hockey Final Magazine 2015 for Teleclub. She showed a very professional attitude towards the job and theme. Her very sounding and versatile voice fitted perfectly well with this sporty tv spot and empowers the show to be an entertaining diverting TV event. Thank You very much for your contribution.“
Gabriel Oldham – GO Media GmbH
„We asked Corinne to be our Speaker at the Sonisphere Festival 2015 in Bienne. She performed her role, with 30 C° and 35’000 listeneres, absolutely brilliantly! As a plus, she performed ‚ad hoc‘ information within seconds and translated them – prima vista – from German into French. She instantaneously adapted her voice to the context and meaning and spoke absolutely perfectly. Thank You Corinne, ou are a big asset to success! That’s a reason for employing her again soon; as a Speaker at the Concert of the Toten Hosen.“
Erol Tolukan – Projektleiter Kommunikation

„What amazes me with Corinne’s work is, how empathetic and fast she goes into a figure and setting, how she switches and moves, as if she’d be on a real stage. Her ability as an actress is a huge asset for our champagne, as a professional speaker and as a team mate.“

Claudio Frasca – I-Imagine GmbH 

„Corinne has – what we call  – a voice that the MIC loves! Every take sounds good. The tonality and brilliance of her voice just fits. She is „audio-genic“ through and through!“

LJ Sedlar – LJS Productions – Montreux

„The collaboration with Corinne is perfect! With her flexibility she is able to put together the 2 languages, respectively the bilingual announcements in an optimal way. The administration is smooth and fast.“

Nathalie Renner – Marketing Coordinator 

„Her unique voice and expression make distinguish Corinne. Her Professionalism and her refreshing way are reflected in her work – she’s an enrichment for every production!“

Vanessa Fröhlicher – Marketing 

„To work with Corinne was a pleasure. Her professionalism and ability to change voice and vocal expression are impressive. Thanks a lot!“

Nigel Hilbourne – morph2 recording studio – Zürich  

„Thanks to the professionalism and knowledge of Corinne we were able to record a with her several female roles with different characters to our complete satisfaction and tot he delight of agency and customer. I strongly recommend her!“

Roland Frei – NJP Studios – Küsnacht

„I am absolutely thrilled by Corinne’s work. Her voice perfectly fits the video! I new it would be good; but never thought, it could be that good! Thanks for the great work!“

Michael Brunner – CEO Novatrend

“Corinnes professional work in french and italian and her speed have impressed us and our client very much. it was furthermore very easy and helpfull, that she has her own little studio box at home, letting us anytime the possibility for change or additional recordings in a very high quality.  Anytime again! Big Thank You”
Safran Filmproduction

„Highly motivated, professional, precise, exact, alterable, perfectionist, fast, pleasant, friendly, on time, reliable, flexibel, versatile, passionate! That’s why we love to work with Corinne!“

Markus Popp – Sample GmbH – Steinhausen

I found it super professional to work with Corinne, also because of her home studio. She delivered fast and easy and even helped us with translation and writing. Very happy with her voicing, because she is multiple talented, for any topic and scenery and very nice to listen at. I will definitely book Corinne again, whenever i need a female voice.

Roberto Cancellara – screendreams

„We would like to thank Corinne Hobi for her reliable
voice recording work and look we forward to
future work together.“  

Uyen-Binh La, project manager

„Corinne is always on time, very well prepared, when we meet for a recording session. Her ability to speak in 5 languages and her feeling for phrasing stiles and preferred athmosphere of a message are a huge plus for the studio, because we safe time and effort, and her USP. One can totally rely on Corinne; to work with her is a pleasure for all involved.”

Phil Erdin – Sonarsound – Zürich  

«Corinne Hobi has persuaded us with her flexibility and the harmony in her voice. Her multilinguality is a gift for our nationally operating company.»

Saskia ZahndSWISS TXT AG

„It is amazing, how fast Corinne’s able – even with the smallest sequence of a scene or picture or film – let pictures and an appropriate voicing be created in her head through her work in the audiences‘ too; big respect!“

Urs Frei – Soundsnooper – Jegensdorf

„With her very professional way and her refreshing enthousiasm for her work, Corinne has convinced me through and through! What striked me most is Corinne’s Talent to enter into the character and role immediately and put it into words and the apropriate voice style. We’ll gladly work with Corinne again!“

Hans Urs Bachmann – Vamos Film GmbH

„A reliable, credible and professional speaker, who is able to perform in four languages for us – is very difficult to find in the market. Corinne offers us that valuable service in very flexible terms and conditions and most of all; with great passion. Thank You!

Daniel Crucius – Victura GmbH – Rotkreuz

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    Corinne Hobi, voice4u

more customer feedbacks will follow soon